August 2, 2009

Florida Gators pre-fall practice thoughts

With so much anticipation and expectation for this Florida Gators team, the key question throughout the year will be staying focused. I couldn't be more confident in our team's ability to do that with the leadership of Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes, and I'm normally very conservative when it comes to expectations for my teams.

The Gators will have to get after it hard in fall practice and start the season off with a bang. That game against Tennessee in the third week of the season will likely be a gritty affair and I think it will be much closer than anyone expects.

The offense has got to work out the kinks before then, because they'll be facing one of the best defenses in the country and safety Eric Berry is the type of player who can change the complexity of the game with his play.

Heading into fall practice, I'll just leave you with this. If there has ever been a team capable of going undefeated in Gators history, it's this one. That's coming from someone who correctly picked Ole Miss as a trap game this year. For what it's worth, I think Kentucky could be the tricky game for the Gators this season.

I'll be back with more thoughts this week and some recaps of the early fall practice sessions over the next week or so.

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