July 31, 2009

Florida Gators should join billboard campaign

With recent news surfacing that the Tennessee Volunteers plan on launching a billboard campaign to help recruiting in Florida, I think it's time Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators Football team should join the billboard sweepstakes.

I mean, if Tennessee is really going to be advertising on our turf, what's to stop the Gators from putting up a little billboard of their own a few hundred yards down the road. Can you imagine what a recruit would think if he saw a Tennessee billboard and then a few hundred feet down the road, a Florida billboard that put it to shame.

I've got a handful of ideas, and I'm sure the idea has been kicked around on some of the Florida message boards. However, with recent mockups of the Tennessee billboard floating around the web, I came up with a design that should do the trick for the Gators.

Here you go, first the Tennessee billboard (these are the actual designs):

And then 300 yards down the road:

Thoughts, comments, additional ideas or photos for the billboard campaign?

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