August 3, 2009

Wishing Dan Mullen the best of luck at Mississippi State

The Mississippi State Bulldogs football team gets underway today, starting fall practice just over a month before the 2009 SEC football season will begin.

The Bulldogs feature a new look, as former Florida Gators offensive coordinator Dan Mullen takes over in Starkville and promises to completely change the way Mississippi State plays offense.

Just like I've wished good luck to previous coaches that left Florida to take jobs elsewhere, I wish Mullen the best of luck at Mississippi State. He's going to need it.

I really like what Mullen has done with the program so far, instilling the same kind of gritty, bust your butt type of attitude that Urban Meyer has down here in Florida.

I think Mullen will still struggle in his first year as head coach and almost certainly will not make a bowl on a team pretty much devoid of playmakers at the wide receiver position. Unfortunately for Mullen, the one position he really needs is the position the Bulldogs are weakest at.

Still, I think given a few years, Mullen will be able to change the culture somewhat at Mississippi State. I don't think the Bulldogs will ever be perennial powerhouses and compete for the SEC West year in and year out, but they aren't quite Vanderbilt, either.

So here's wishing the best of luck to Dan Mullen as he embarks on his journey at Mississippi State. He'll undoubtedly have some tough times ahead of him this season as he struggles to adapt to having much less talent on the field at any given time. I wish Mullen nothing but the best of luck every day of the year, except for October 24th.

On that day, I hope Tim Tebow is able to give Mullen a big pat on the back and say, "Thanks for teaching me to beat you, coach!"

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