August 13, 2009

Matt Patchan calls Lane Kiffin a "Bozo"

I'm sure by now, you've all heard that Florida Gators lineman Matt Patchan recently called Tennessee's Lane Kiffin a "bozo" at Florida's Media Days.

While the room got awkwardly silent following Patchan's remark, Patchan plodded right along continuing his interview and a jovial, and rather goofy, manner.

Tennessee is undoubtedly putting up their own signs in the locker room as "bulletin board" material, much like Florida has done with some of Kiffin's very own comments.

In the interest of poking a little fun at that creamsicle colored fanbase, I've decided to give the Volunteers a little more ammunition for their September 19th playdate with the Gators.

It's my latest fark and I'll admit I didn't put any more time into it than it takes me to brush my teeth. Still, I think it's a rather fitting rendition of Lane "Bozo" Kiffin.


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