August 11, 2009

The Florida Gators football team's "obsession" with Tennessee

This is old news, but it is making the rounds on the internet for the second time and is getting many more hits and much more publicity this time, as the season approaches.

Apparently some pro-UT person got access to the Florida Gators football complex, or broke in, and shot some video of the facility to demonstrate Florida's "obsession" with Tennessee.

Here is the video, posted below, of the Tennessee fan shooting his video of our awesome new facility:

I have a few thoughts on this video, and I'll share them with you today.

First off, this video is extremely shaky. Perhaps this can be explained by surmising that this particular Tennessee fan was a little worried about what might happen if Brandon Spikes happened to walk down the hall and see him dressed up in his "puke inside of a pumpkin" orange jumpsuit.

Secondly, these pictures just further reinforce the laughing stock that the Tennessee Volunteers football program has become. While Georgia has an entire wall dedicated to them with high quality, glossy photos, Tennessee gets some scrap paper crudely taped to the walls with Kiffin's bold comments.

Finally, this isn't about Florida being "obsessed" with Tennessee. I'd put it more like this: "Florida is obsessed with pounding Tennessee into the ground on September 19th."

Good luck Tennessee, you're sure as hell going to need it.

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1 comment:

  1. You actually taking the time to write all this over a "shaky video" as you call it is pretty funny. This vid was obvisouly shot by some poor Florida student & then posted in hopes that it will fire-up your Gators. I agree that my VOLS are heavily overmatched, but it isn't going to be a 50+ point win I assure you, as yo umake it sound like we are just going to roll over. There is new era of Volunteer football on the horizon so you better enjoy this last year while you can as your precious Tebow is gone after this year & the VOLS recruits are in a word - Spectacular. Say what you want to about Kiffin but you cannot deny the staff or direction the Tennessee program is heading.