July 29, 2009

Vernon Macklin bulking up

Florida Gators basketball player Vernon Macklin has really bulked up over the summer and looks ready to make an immediate impact in the paint for the Gators during the 2009-10 season.I ran across Florida Gators basketball player Vernon Macklin yesterday on my way to class.

I must say that Macklin has really put in the time in the weight room and seems to be physically ready to have a huge impact for the Gators in the paint. At 6-foot-10, Macklin is now looking extremely chiseled and he appears to be the most physically imposing big man for the Gators since Al Horford was around.

I was here for Marreese Speights' tenure at Florida and he was nowhere near as athletic looking as Macklin. While Speights was tall and lanky looking, Macklin is clearly a much stronger player. His upper body looks like you would expect of a college basketball player, while Speights always left me thinking that if he just hit the weight room a little more he would be much better off.

If Macklin's physique is any indication, the Gators will be much better than a year ago, when we were less than competitive in the paint. Questions still remain about his ability to fit into the Gators' style. He has also been criticized publicly for not giving his all in practice.

I saw Macklin last year and he has blown up since then from a physical standpoint. That has to be a positive indication of a renewed vigor off the court.

With a backcourt that really lacks depth and may not be nearly as productive as it was last season, it's highly important that Macklin and company take over and dominate the paint. If not, it could be another long ride for the Florida Gators during the 2009-10 season.

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