July 29, 2009

New jumbotrons in the Swamp

The new jumbotrons in Florida's Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, more affectionately known as The Swamp, are a true sight to behold.

The monster video boards are every bit as big as advertised, and construction is completed on the two works of art.

I had the luxury of passing by the Swamp last Friday, during the Gators' hosting of Friday Night Lights, the massive recruiting event that turned out to be highly successful. Naturally, as a recruiting ploy, Meyer had the boards fully lit up and rolling through the highlights of Florida's National Championship video over Oklahoma.

Needless to say, the recruits weren't the only ones who were impressed. From the corner of University Avenue and Gale Lemerand, a distance of maybe 800-1000 yards from the bigger of the two jumbotrons, I could see every glorious detail in crystal clear non-HD.

I say non-HD because the boards aren't technically high definition due to some technicality with the resolution. As a casual passer by, you would never know the difference. It's crystal clear and it's huge.

I'm not kidding when I say I'll be tempted to watch the games on the screens when I'm in the Swamp this fall. They're that nice.

The sound system also sounds like it has been upgraded, as I could hear the roar of the crowd and the elation of the announcers perfectly when David Nelson caught Tim Tebow's jump pass.

That's all for now, please excuse me while I go try to steal the jumbotron for use in my apartment.

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