September 17, 2009

Tennessee Tidbits - 2 Days Till Beatdown

I've been running Facebook updates making fun of Tennessee all week, time to put some of these onto the blog. First off, I'll start with the most recent stuff.

Tennessee wide receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, who decommitted from the Florida Gators football team on National Signing Day last year, caused quite a stir with his Facebook status last night.

Richardson's status read: "Starting to second guess myself.. Did I make da Right Decision!!!! Only time will tell"

Whether or not that status was about his decision to attend Tennessee instead of Florida is debatable, but the timing couldn't be more questionable.

Tennessee fans have written it off as referring to his decision to shave his dreadlocks, but if that were the case wouldn't he know right away? Why "time will tell"?

Also interesting is that three Florida Gators appear on Nu'Keese Richardson's profile as friends. Apparently Richardson has some friends here (he played together with Janoris Jenkins in high school).

Here's a picture if you want to check it out: Nu'Keese Richardson Facebook.

The second ridiculous comment of the week from Tennessee land was made by Tennessee's interim president Dr. Jan Simek.

He said: “Lane comes from the Pac-10, which in many respects is the epitome of great academics and great athletics, as this past weekend showed on several different levels, including to us. When we lost to UCLA, we lost to a better academic institution, too.”

Really? Admitting that your school is a second rate school for academics. I'm sure alumni and current students were thrilled to hear that.

Anyway, that's all for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with some of the greatest pictures and videos on the web.

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