August 22, 2009

Tim Tebow expected to recover from back injury

Florida Gators football fans got a scare in the past few days, as multiple outlets reported that star quarterback Tim Tebow was out with a back injury.

Urban Meyer commented on the injury following today's morning practice session, indicating that Tebow has sat out of most contact and first-team work this week, allowing his back injury time to heal and backup quarterback John Brantley to get some first team reps.

Tim Tebow reportedly had some minor tightness in his back but should be back in full practice on Monday, according to Meyer.

Let me just add this to the Tebow injury buzz. If this was a major injury, the national media would be all over it, and we would never see the end of it on ESPN.

The fact that it has been low key likely indicates that it isn't much of a concern at all, and the Gators really did want to get Brantley some first team reps. After all, Tebow really doesn't need them much, unless we're talking about the new I-form sets.

The photo above is from yesterday's practice session, and Tebow seems to be okay enough to be in full pads, an encouraging sign if nothing else. I really wouldn't be too concerned about this Tebow injury, but we should know a bit more on Monday after practice.

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