August 8, 2009

Former Florida Gators Cornelius Ingram tears ACL

This is the kind of thing you absolutely hate to hear about no matter what team you are a fan of. Former Florida Gators football star Cornelius Ingram has torn his ACL and will miss then entire 2009 NFL season, after being drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles back in April.

Ingram missed his entire senior season at Florida, after electing to pass up the 2008 NFL Draft in order to come back and help the Gators during his final season. He's the type of story you love, but absolutely hate to hear about.

During fall practice leading up to the 2008 season, Ingram tore his ACL, ending his collegiate career. Now, after thoroughly impressing in camp for the Eagles, he has suffered another ACL injury.

Ingram is the type of freakishly athletic tight end who creates mismatches every time he is on the field. His loss is a big one for the Eagles, and the heart of every Gator fan goes out to him.

This is a kid that turned down millions to come back to the school he loved. Only to have his dream taken away as he watched his team win a National Championship from the sidelines.

Now, his NFL career may be over before it ever really begins. While it's not certain by any means, this type of repeated wear and tear can have devastating effects on an athlete, particularly someone who frequently makes cuts and goes across the middle of the field like Ingram.

My heart goes out to him and I sincerely hope that Ingram comes through this okay. If it ends his career, it won't put a damper on his success in my mind. This kid made all the right decisions and will have a successful life even if he never plays pro football.

That said, I'll continue to pray for this young man and hope with all my might that he gets a chance to do something he passed up on over a year ago to help the school he loves.

Ingram is a Gator to the bone, and every part of my being wants to see this kid have a successful career.

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